There Will Be a Wreck!

There Will Be a Wreck!


There Will Be a Wreck! An Account of the 1904 World’s Fair Missouri Pacific Train Wreck.

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On October 10, 1904, there was a head-on collision of two Missouri Pacific trains. One of them was an eastbound passenger train packed with excited people on their way to visit the St. Louis World’s Fair. Author Lyndon Irwin spent five years researching this tragedy. This book There Will Be a Wreck! tells the touching and tragic stories of one of the worst Missouri Pacific train wrecks of that time. 150 pages.

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1 review for There Will Be a Wreck!

  1. Brian Casement

    This book is very well documented and detailed with the people involved, places and the historic train wreck itself. The chronology of this unfortunate tragic event adds to the intrigue in reading this wonderful book. Thank you for your time and effort in preparing and writing this amazing story.

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