Membership Benefits

Membership in the Vernon County Historical Society carries many rewards. All membership levels are accorded free admission to both museums for the entire membership season. Whether you are touring for the first time or the fifteenth, you will find a wealth of history to explore and new artifacts and exhibits to enjoy each time.

Membership also includes an annual subscription to the Museum’s magazine,  “Bushwhacker Musings”. This booklet includes stories about Vernon County-related people and events, mostly written by local contributors. People who moved out-of-state years ago often retain their membership status just so they can continue to receive their copy of “Bushwhacker Musings”.


  • Single membership: One adult or one parent family, including his or her children up to 18 years of age: $20.00
  • Family membership: Any two adults in the same family including their children up to 18 years of age: $30.00
  • Business membership: Entitles business owner to two luncheon or one evening event at the museum/ year: $50.00
  • Membership cards: If you want a membership card, please send a self-addressed stamped envelope with your dues.

Note: Contributions are tax deductible but dues are not. This is because your membership
includes benefits, such as free admission and a subscription to the newsletter.