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Death / Probate
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Given Name
to Deceased
CANNONLee Wrongful Death6 Jun 1942COUCHHoward W.CANNONCharles D.father
CANNONLee Wrongful Death   CANNONFlorencemother
SHARPGeorgiechildWrit. Hab.Corp--custody1888SHARPGreen  father
SHARPGeorgiechildWrit. Hab.Corp--custody SHARPNannie  mother
WETSELWillis O.minorWrit. Hab.Corp1910WETSELSudieWETSELCal 
STRATTONBell Writ. Hab. Corp1889MCKINZIEDelila   
CRABTREECloverminorWrit of Habeas Corpus1911  CAMPBELLBessie Crabtreeparents, divorced
CRABTREECloverminorWrit of Habeas Corpus1912  CRABTREEEmoryparents, divorced
ESTELLHarry Writ of Habeas Corpus1907     
EVANSJacob Writ of Habeas Corpus1907MYERSJ. T.  judge
BROCKAugust Writ of Hab. Corp.1915     
DIXONHarry Writ of Hab. Corp.1888     
FLAGGAlbert Writ of Hab. Corp.1904MOORER. B.  sheriff
HUMANE. L. Writ of Hab. Corp.1892     
JOHNSTONJoseph W.incompetentWrit of Hab. Corp.1908     
WHITESIDERolandminorWrit of Hab. Corp over Custody1903     
DAVISWilliamunsound mindWrit Hab.Corp.1890     
DENMANWilliam Writ Hab.Corp.1890GRAYH. P.  probate judge
MAYOLoucharged with selling liquor on SundayWrit Hab. Corp.1889     
KLOCKMary E. Writ Hab. Corp1889     
LEONARDJeff Writ Hab Corp.1893     
MILLIGANE. P. Writ Hab Corp1905     
MCKENZIED. G. Writ Hab Corp1889  MCKELVEYLauriedaugh.
HOWARDAvery B. Will?1856MCNEILR. W.  public admin.
HOWARDAvery B. Will?   HOWARDAngelinawidow
HOWARDAvery B. Will?   HOWARDWilliamson
HOWARDAvery B. Will?   HOWARDJohnson
HOWARDAvery B. Will?   HOWARDWillettson
HOWARDAvery B. Will?   HOWAORDCommodoreson
COLEMANJ. R. Will/RLA1958COLEMANWinnie E.  widow
WIGHTSheldon A. Will/RLA21 Dec 1957WIGHTAlice L.  wife
MEANSSarah E.d. 28 Dec 1928Will w/Codicil1 Dec 1921MEANSG. K.MEANSSamuelson
MEANSSarah E. Will w/Codicil   MEANSGeorgeson
MEANSSarah E. Will w/Codicil   MEANSFranklinson
MEANSSarah E. Will w/Codicil   SUTHERLANDFrancesdaugh.
MEANSSarah E. Will w/Codicil   MEANSElsiedaugh.
MEANSSarah E. Will w/Codicil   CARRJessiedaugh.
MEANSSarah E. Will w/Codicil   MEANSWilliamstep-son
MEANSSarah E. Will w/Codicil   MILLERJamesgr-son
MEANSSarah E. Will w/Codicil   MILLERGeorgegr-son
MEANSSarah E. Will w/Codicil   MILLERJohn 
MEANSSarah E. Will w/Codicil   MILLERClaudgr-son
MEANSSarah E. Will w/Codicil   SHEDDRICKMyrtlegr-daugh.
MEANSSarah E. Will w/Codicil   WEDDLEVeragr-daugh.
HACKNEYNora Will - inven.20 Mar 1937THOMASArchie   
WILSONJames A. Will - 2 files1858WILSONSarah E.WILSONMary Elizabethwidow
WILSONJames A. Will - 2 files BADGERAlbertWILSONSarah E.daugh.
WILSONJames A. Will - 2 files MAXEYJ. P.TRACYJanedaugh.
GIBBSAda H. Will & (Codicil)15 Nov 1923 (1936)     
GIBBSAda H. Will & (Codicil) LAMBERTHarry E.LAMBERTHarry E.son/exec.