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Given Name
to Deceased
ADAMSMary Stim. & Rel. (car acc.)   ADAMSFlora Z.mother
ADAMSMary Stim. & Rel. (car acc.)   ADAMSPaulbrother
ADAMSMary Stim. & Rel. (car acc.)   ADAMSOrvalbrother
ADAMSMary Stim. & Rel. (car acc.)   ADAMSLewis
ADAMSMary Stim. & Rel. (car acc.)   ADAMSVivasister
ADAMSMary Stim. & Rel. (car acc.)   ADAMSKermitbrother
ADAMSMary Stim. & Rel. (car acc.)   ADAMSVioletsister
ADAMSMary Stlm.& Rel. (car acc.)   TWIGGVivasister
ADAMSMary Stlm.& Rel. (car acc.)   ADAMSKermitbrother
ADAMSMary Stlm.& Rel. (car acc.)   ADAMSVioletsister
ADAMSMary Stlm.& Rel. (car acc.)   ADAMSFrankbrother
ADAMSMary E. F.Patient in St. Hosp #3Estate1898GORDONF. E.   
ADAMSOpalminorEstate1908ADAMSElla  child of Charles Adams
ADAMSPeter Sr. Estate1904MCCRARYJasper M.ADAMSPeter Jr.son
ADAMSPeter Sr. Estate   BEAUCHAMPAnnedaughter
ADAMSPeter Sr. Estate   ADAMSE. F.widow of Chs. died 1905
ADAMSPeter Sr. Estate   UNKNOWNLougrandchild
ADAMSPeter Sr. Estate   UNKNOWNOpalgrandchild
ADAMSPeter Sr. Estate   WEBSTERFrankson of Sarah Brewster, dec. (dau of Peter)
ADAMSPeter Sr. Estate   WEBSTERGuyson of Sarah Brewster, dec. (dau of Peter)
ADAMSPeter Sr. Estate   BREWSTERMarydaugh. of Sarah Brewster, dec. (dau of Peter)
ADAMSSarah WillApr 1901PRIESTAugustaADAMSMattiedaughter
ADAMSSarah Will   ADAMSRichardson
ADAMSSarah Will   PRIESTAugusta 
ADAMSShirley C. Will1911BALLAGHW. T.ADAMSLula E.widow
ADAMSShirley C. Will   ADAMSE. L.nephew
ADAMSShirley C. Will   ADAMSJ. P.nephew
ADAMSShirley C. Will   ADAMSH. V.nephew
ADAMSShirley C. Will   ADAMSEmmett C.nephew
ADAMSShirley C. Will   ADAMSJohnnephew
ADAMSShirley C. Will   ADAMSNevil Cnephew
ADAMSShirley C. Will   JOHNSONJ. W.nephew
ADAMSShirley C. Will   JOHNSONCharles C.nephew
ADAMSShirley C. Will   JOHNSONJ. Roynephew
ADAMSShirley C. Will   MCLEANCallieniece
ADAMSShirley C. Will   CRUSEBettieniece
ADAMSShirley C. Will   WOODMyrtleniece
ADAMSShirley C. Will   ADAMSJessieniece
ADAMSShirley C. Will   EPPSBessieniece
ADAMSThelma Lorenementally illEstate1965ADAMSKenneth  husband
ADAMSTulie M. Estate1954WILLHITET. O.BRUNERElla A.daugh.
ADAMSTulie M. Estate   WILLHITEFernedaugh.
ADAMSTulie M. Estate   LONGMabeldaugh.
ADAMSW. M. Estate1899HOFFMAND. M.ADAMSMary J.daugh. - minor
ADAMSW. M. Estate   ADAMSEdithdaugh. - minor
ADAMSW. M. Estate   ADAMSEthel R.daugh. - minor
ADAMSW. M. Estate   ADAMSMabeldaugh. - minor
ADAMSW. M. Estate   ADAMSCalvinson - minor
ADAMSW. M. Estate   ADAMSCharles G.son - minor
ADAMSW. T. Will1924ADAMSEstellaHOOPERGladys M.daugh.