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Given Name
to Deceased
ALLISONDavid P. Estate   ALLISONCharles D. 
ALLISONDavid P. Estate   ALLISONS. B. 
ALLISONDavid P. Estate   ALLISONDavid P. 
ALLISONEva J.minorGuardianshipApr 1912TAGGARTR. A.  gr-father/guardian
ALLISONFrankminorEstate1903ALLISONGeorge E.  curator
ALLISONGerald C.minorGuardianshipApr 1912TAGGARTR. A.  gr-father/guardian
ALLISONGlessnerminorGuardianshipApr 1912TAGGARTR. A.  gr-father/guardian
ALLISONLlewellyn V.insufficient propertyRLA/Will1955ALLISONAgnes Marie  widow
ALLISONLlewellyn V.insufficient propertyRLA/Will   ALLISONJosephson
ALLISONLlewellyn V.insufficient propertyRLA/Will   ALLINSONLlewellynson
ALLISONSusie M.minorGuardianshipApr 1912TAGGARTR. A.  gr-father/guardian
ALLISONWilliam R.minorGuardianshipApr 1912TAGGARTR. A.  gr-father/guardian
ALSUPJoseph D.minorGuardianship1921ALSUPSolomon  guardian
ALTHAMArthur G.minorGuardianship1895ALTHAMAlice  guardian
ALTHAMWilliaminsufficient propertyRLA1895ALTHAMAlice  widow
ALTIZERCharline J.minorGuardianship1923ALTIZERSophia D.  guardian
ALUMBAUGHBert RLA29 Jul 1939ALUMBAUGHBessie  widow
ALVORDMargaret Will1961THOMPSONAnna MaeDICKERSONElsiesister
ALVORDMargaretincompetent 1956DANLEYJ. W.  guardian
ALVORD  Will   MOOREAnnasister
ALVORD  Will   THOMPSONAnna Maeniece
ALWAYGeorge H.insane 1948     
ALWAYMinniementally ill (hosp.Aug 1963)Estate8 Sep 1963  SHAFERIrenedaugh.
AMERMANI. W. Will   AMERMANEarl Rayson
AMERMANMary E. Will1945EWINGBoydSCHEPPEJohnnie (Mrs. C.R.)niece, daugh. of Martha Jane Lamar, sister, dec.
AMERMANMary E. Will   JENKINSFrances (Mrs. James)niece, daugh. of Martha Jane Lamar, sister, dec.
AMERMANMary E. Will   REUTEREthel (Mrs.)niece, daugh. of James Angel, brother, dec.
AMERMANMary E. Will   HOWARDViolaniece, daugh. of James Angel, brother, dec.
AMERMANMary E. Will   BEACHDorothy (Mrs.)niece, daugh. of James Angel, brother, dec.
AMERMANMary E. Will   CERVANTESPearl (Mrs.)niece, daugh. of James Angel, brother, dec.
AMERMANMary E. Will   ANGLEMildredniece,(now married & name unknown) daugh. of Dr. John W. Angle, dec.
AMERMANMary E. Will   UNKNOWNUnknownnieces or nephews, children of Ephram Angle, brother, dec.
AMICKEllen Will13 Jun 1957DUTTONCurt N.DAMERONIdaniece
AMICKEllen Will   COXMaudeniece
AMICKEllen Will   RILEYBessniece
AMICKEllen Will   NELSONAdaniece
AMICKEllen Will   MCDANIELRuthniece
AMOSAdda M. Estate1929DADEAnna M.AMOSThomas B. 
AMOSAdda M. Estate   DADEAnna M. 
AMOSAdda M. Estate   AMOSRobert J.unsound mind
AMOSClaudeminor 1898-1909GORDONF. E.BLAGGMattie J.mother
AMOSDanielminor 1898-1909GORDONF. E.BLAGGMattie J.mother
AMOSRobert J. Estate1893TILLIOTSONH. L.DIXONAnnie Amosdaughter
AMOSRobert J. Estate   AMOSMary Annwidow
AMOSRobert J. Estate   AMOSR. J.son
AMOSRobert J. Estate25 Feb 1924AMOSAdda M.DADEMary Anndaughter
AMOSRobert J. Estate   AMOSRobert J.son
AMOSRobert J. Estate   AMOSThomas B.son
AMOSRobert J.unsound mind 1930DADEAnna M.  curator