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Given Name
to Deceased
CLARKSudyewife of Gen. Harvey C. Clark - Camp ClarkEstate19 Mar 1922SWEARINGENWooddyCLARKEdward Taylor 
CARLSONRosaWidow of Victor L.RLA28 Dec 1943HOLMESR. J.LYNDHildasister
CARLSONRosaWidow of Victor L.RLA   JOHNSONSarasister
CARLSONRosaWidow of Victor L.RLA   JOHNSONEmil
BLINCOEEmma L.widow of GeorgeEstate14 Apr 1943BLINCOEMarshall (exec.)BLINCOEJohnson
BLINCOEEmma L.widow of GeorgeEstate   BLINCOEMarshallson
BLINCOEEmma L.widow of GeorgeEstate   OXFORDNoradaugh.
BLINCOEEmma L.widow of GeorgeEstate   HAMILTONRosedaugh.
BLINCOEEmma L.widow of GeorgeEstate   LIESTDeliadaugh.
BLINCOEEmma L.widow of GeorgeEstate   TRUSKETTEvagr-daugh.
BLINCOEEmma L.widow of GeorgeEstate   DAVISCorneliagr-daugh.
MCGEEEffiewidow of Dane, d. 2 May 1942RLA14 May 1942VAUGHNFlorence  guardian
HARBORTJulius V.unsound mind (d. 25 Dec 1923) 1922HARBORTGertrude I.  guardian
ADAMSJaneUnsound MindOrd. Of Hosp.1955CURRENTPaul   
ADAMSJaneUnsound MindOrd. Of Hosp. LOVE & MARTINDrs.  extension
ALBANRobertunsound mindCommitment?1877STOKESThomas E.  curator
ALLENLewis A.unsound mind 1958     
AMOSRobert J.unsound mind 1930DADEAnna M.  curator
ARMSTRONGJ. W.unsound mindEstate1892DEBOLTF. M.  Guardian
ARMSTRONGWarren B.unsound mind 1948CRAIGHEADM. A.  Guardian
ASKINGF. W.unsound mind 1883     
ATKINSONE. J.unsound mind 1909-1911ATKINSONE. K.  guardian
BAKERWilliam Wilsonunsound mind 1878     
BEESONRubyunsound mind 1962  SHEPHERDDollymother
BIDDENAmos O.unsound mindGuardianship21 Dec 1908FRYERJoe  guardian
BOLANAlice R.unsound mind 1926BIRDSEYEH. F.  guardian
BRAMBLEWilliamunsound mind 1891     
BROWNOliverunsound mind 9 Feb 1892     
BUTCHERMosesunsound mindJury Summons1889     
CALVERTHenryunsound mindGuardianship1904CALVERTC. L.  guardian
CAMPBELLEstella M.unsound mind no dateCULLERMarie  guardian
CARNSEmmaunsound mind 1913GORDONW. F.  guardian
CARPENTERHenriettaunsound mind 1932CARPENTERLoyd  informant
CARRIGERMildred Beshoreunsound mind 1951KENNEDYDon  guardian/curator
CARROLLMargaretunsound mind 1889     
CENTERGeorge W. Jr.unsound mind 1913CENTERGeorge W. Sr.  guardian
CHARLESCharlesunsound mind 1889CLARYJames  guardian/curator
CLAYPOOLHattie W.unsound mindReq. Jury Trial1954  CLAYPOOLRaymond E.son
CLUTTERHarryunsound mind 1965CLUTTERHarold  applicant
COFFMANMichaeunsound mind 1884O'BRYANCornelius  guardian
COLEMartha C.unsound mind 1897COLESamuel L.  guardian/curator
COONSHubertunsound mind 1942COONSMaggie Gordon  guardian
COOPERAddison D.unsound mind 1870FISHERIsaac  curator
COUSLEYEthelunsound mind 2 Mar 1952COUSLEYJ. B. Jr.  admin/guardian
CRAYCROFTRolla P.unsound mind 1929HALLETTWebster admin- resigned 
CRAYCROFTRolla P.unsound mind 1929CRAYCROFTEva C. guardian 
DAVISWilliamunsound mindWrit Hab.Corp.1890     
DOHERTYPatrickunsound mind 04 Mar 1887HILLW. W.  guardian
DOUGLASSBlanche A.unsound mind 1944KELSOH. A.  guardian