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Given Name
to Deceased
AYERSCharles L. Estate   LEHMANAltaniece
AYLESWORTHWillis D.minorGuardianship1918AYLESWORTHBertha  guardian
AYRESMary E. Will1952VOSSGeorge R.HENRYCallie B.sister (Nevada, MO)
AYRESMary E. Will   ANDERSONMildredniece (Kansas City, KS)
AYRESMary E. Will   BOWMANJosephineniece (Los Angeles, CA)
AYRESMary E. Will   SCHOOLEYJennie B.friend (Kansas City, MO)
AYRESMary E. Will   RUPARTEvelenaniece (Independence, MO)
AYRESMary E. Will   BOWMANEthel? (Olathe, KS)
AYRESMary E. Will   BOWMANJohn (Nevada, MO)
AYRESMary E. Will   Christian Science Ch. church preference
BABBITTIsadoraincomp.Guardianship1963COXEula  guardian
BABBITTRalph W.minorGuardianship5 May 1936HACKERFrances Babbitt  guardian
BABBITTRonald LeeminorGuardianship5 May 1936HACKERFrances Babbitt  guardian
BACHClair J. Estate1 Oct 1959GILBERTHarry E.GILBERTElsie E.sister
BACONE. F. RLAFeb 1918  BACONElizabethwidow
BACONE. F. RLA   BACONGeraldson, minor
BACONE. F. RLA   BACONClovinedaugh., minor
BACONJames MatthewsminorGuardianship26 Jan 1936-Sep 1961BACONJames Robert  guardian
BACONJanice LeeminorGuardianship26 Jan 1936-Sep 1961BACONJames Robert  guardian
BACONJeane OdellminorGuardianship26 Jan 1936-Sep 1961BACONJames Robert  guardian
BACONMary Estate8 Apr 1945BURKEMargaretMAGNESSKatesister
BACONMary Estate   TALBERTLeonadaugh.
BACONWm. S. Estate1913BACONLangston  Jt. guardians (Ark.)
BACONWm. S. Estate KINNAMONA.  Jt. guardians (Ark.)
BACONWm. S. Estate   NICHOLSMary 
BACONWm. S. Estate   BACONRobert 
BACONWm. S. Estate   CURTISSarah 
BACONWm. S. Estate   KINNAMONMartha 
BADENHAMMERGraceminorGuardianship27 Nov 1891HULLJ. A.  administrator
BADGEEmily Estate22 Mar 1918BADGELucy MadaraFLINTEmily Elizabethdaugh.
BADGEEmily Estate   BADGELucy Madaradaugh.
BADGEJohn Estate5 Jan 1904BADGEEmilyBADGEEmily Elizabethwife
BADGEJohn Estate   BADGEEmily E.daugh.
BADGEJohn Estate   BADGELucy M.daugh.
BADGERAlbert Estate14 Mar 1911RHODESH. W. R.BADGERAlbert IVson
BADGERAlbert Estate   BADGERElizabethdaugh.
BADGERAlbert Estate   BADGEREmilydaugh.
BADGERAlbert Estate   BADGERMarydaugh.
BADGERAlbert Estate   BADGERAgnesdaugh.
BADGERAlbert Estate   BADGERLuludaugh.
BADGETTLaura Lillianincomp. Sep 1956MISSOURI, STATE OF   guardian
BAGGERLYLyman A. EstateMar 1925KENNEDYJohn F.BAGGERLYMarywife
BAGGERLYLyman A. Estate   SMITHNora E.daugh.
BAGGERLYLyman A. Estate   KENNEDYSusie C.daugh.
BAGGERLYLyman A. Estate   FARMERRosedaugh.
BAGGERLYOttominorGuardianship1886HARBISONL. L.  guardian
BAGGETTDavid W.minorGuardianship1954BAGGETTNellie  guardian
BAGGETTDottie M.minorGuardianship1954BAGGETTNellie  guardian
BAGGETTJames E.minorGuardianship1954BAGGETTNellie  guardian
BAGGETTRobert E. Estate1954BAGGETTNellieBAGGETTNelliewife